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Bohubrihi is an E-learning platform for Online Courses for tertiary students and professionals. Its service is targeted towards Bengali speaking people. With continuous research on E-learning design, Bohubrihi also provides E-learning platform design, management and support for corporations and businesses to train their personnel.


Room Occupancy Detection from Temperature, Light, Humidity, and Carbon di Oxide Measurements Using Artificial Neural Network

This project was done as a practice project using UCI ML occupancy detection dataset. Finished: 2021

The accuracy, precision, recall, and f1 score of prediction of room occupancy using data from temperature, light, humidity, and carbon dioxide have been evaluated for an artificial neural network model. Python, tensorflow and sci-kit learn were used.

Segmentation of Neighborhoods of Two Cities using Cluster Analysis and Foursquare API

This project was done as part of "IBM Professional; Data Science Certificate Course" a nine course specialization offered by IBM on Coursera. Finished: 2019

In this project, I have segmented neighborhoods of two cities, Toronto and New York in terms of their venue categories using KMeans Clustering and Foursquare API. Also, average income and population density were taken into account. After segmentation, segments were shown on maps using folium. The whole project was done in Python language.

Design of a Municipal Solid Waste processing plant for Production of 5 TPD Bio fuel

This is an ongoing project as part of academic Undergraduate thesis work of Level-4. Finished: 2019

This design project contained design of a MSW processing plant with a target of 5 TPD production of Bio-fuel. MSW would be primarily processed by Gasification. After primary processing, produced syngas would be processed further to convert it to four type of fuel which were to be sold on local market. The Raw material, MSW would be locally sourced. To study the feasibility Sensitivity analysis and Scenario analysis were conducted. Design Supervisor was Dr. Kawnish Kirtania, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, BUET.

Effects of Tertiary Membrane Filtration (UF-RO) on ETP Treated Textile Effluents

This is an ongoing project as part of academic Undergraduate thesis work of Level-4. Finished: 2019

The scope of this thesis project was to examine the possibility of water recovery from ETP outlet water by Tertiary Treatment such as UF-RO, from Textile Industries in Bangladesh from Water quality perspective. Thesis Supervisor was Dr. Mohidus Samad Khan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, BUET.

Effect of Diversification of Stock Portfolio on Risk and Return

This project was done as part of "Business and Financial Modeling" a five course specialization offered by Wharton Business School on Coursera. Finished: 2017

In this Capstone I have recommended a business strategy based on a data model I have constructed. Using a data set designed by Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), I have implemented quantitative models in spreadsheets to identify the best opportunities for success and minimizing risk. Using my acquired decision-making skills, I have structured a decision and presented this course of action in a professional quality PowerPoint presentation which includes both data and data analysis from my quantitative models.

ICChE National Chem E Car 2017

This project was done as part of ICChE national Chem E Car competition. Team: Chironton. Finished: 2017

The objective was to make car powered by chemical reaction which can go at certain distance taking fixed amount of load. The stopping must be by a chemical reaction. The project was a success and we got 99% accuracy.


2017 Young Entrepreneur Award

2nd prize with Bohubrihi.

Organized by honor issuer BUET Victoria Australia Alumni Association. Bohubrihi is an Elearning platform to learn and teach courses online in a collaborative gamified environment. Anyone can upload online course on any topic. Then anyone can buy it and learn on our site. This site is targeted towards Bengali speaking people.

Pioneros 2.0

1st Runner Up, Team Ingenious

Pioneros is an inter-university Business case competition organized by Entrepreneurship Development Club, BUET powered by Lafarge-Holcim. The whole competition comprised of three rounds: Online case solving round, Instant Case solving round and Grand Finale. 500 teams were participated in the first round and 10 teams were in the Final.

ICChE National Chem E Car 2017

Champion, Team Chironton

The competition was organized by ICChE. The objective was to make car powered by chemical reaction which can go at certain distance taking fixed amount of load. The stopping must be by a chemical reaction. We made a car run by dry lead-acid battery to power the car. We used combustion reaction as stopping mechanism. A closed chamber was setup where Oxygen was limited. Using a knob, amount of butane was controlled to control the reaction rate. A LDR captured the light change inside the chamber and sent signal to the controller when the reaction stopped.

Instructed Online Courses

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IBM Professional Data Science Certification by IBM


Business and Financial Modeling Specialization: a 5-course specialization by University of Pennsylvania


Organic Solar Cells - Theory and Practice by Technical University of Denmark


Python for Genomic Data Science by Johns Hopkins University


Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology by Deft University of Technology


Honor Code Certificate for the course Energy Subsidy Reform by International Monetary Fund


SAChE Certificate Program- Process Safety Lessons Taught from Experience


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Presentation and Poster Design

Some Glimpse and Slide Show...

Presentation - A paper review

This slides were made for academic paper review presentation.

Presentation - Pioneros 2.0 Final

Thsi presentation was designed for Pioneros 2.0 grand final.

Presentation - Hult Prize 2018

This presentation was designed for Hult Prize 2018 Pitch Perfect Round.

Poster - ICChE 2017

This Poster is a review about Perovskite Solar Cell preparation technique from Used lead-acid battery.

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