Tools & Tech

  • Can write my own functions, have basic knowledge of OOP.
  • Can use python packages for various applications: data aggregation & cleaning, analysis, AI, predictive modeling, visualization, etc.
  • Can use Python for automation, and regular productivity.
  • Can write clean Python code.
  • Can connect to databases and query database.
  • Advanced User knowing pivot table, slicers, filters, solver, analysis toolpack, powerpivot.
  • Can do data import, cleaning, analysis.
  • Can create visuals such as scatter plot, bar, column and pie charts, heat map, box plot, pivot charts, tree map etc. 
  • Can do scenario simulation and predictive modeling
  • Can query databases: MySQL, Postgre, MSSQL, DB2
  • Can do data cleaning and wrangling
  • Can Join two or more tables, and create unions.
  • Can write Subqueries and temporary tables.
  • Can do analysis using aggregation and statistical functions.
  • Create windows and views.
  • Know about basic T-SQL.
  • Can connect to SQL DBs and run SQL within Python script.
  • Can create Neural Networks, and import pre-trained models.
  • Can train, test, and visualize AI models for classification and regression problems.
  • Can implement activation functions, loss functions, and set evaluation metrics.
  • Can do model hyperparameter tuning, batch normalization and dropout.
  • Can use built-in call-back functions, and write custom call-backs.
  • Can use numpy for creating and modifying arrays, data filtering and analysis.
  • Can use pandas for creating dataframe, data cleaning, filtering, analysis and visualization.
  • Can use scipy for data processing and filtering.
  • Can Train, test, evaluate and visualize ML models.
  • Can do regression, classification and clustering using sci-kit learn functions.
  • Can do data pre=processing using sci-kit learn.
  • Can use oversampling and under-sampling for imbalanced dataset.
  • Can create visualization from data.
  • Can create various plots such as scatter plot, bar chart, pie chart, heat map, tree map, box plot, confusion matrix, word cloud etc.
  • Can customize plots and apply themes.
  • Can create maps and visuals for geolocation data using folium package.
  • Can use jupyter notebook and jupyter hub.
  • Can use VS code and utilize its own jupyter environment.
  • Can use git with VS Code.
  • Can use git for version controlling.
  • Can use streamlit and python to create and share web apps rapidly for data science projects.
  • Basic user
  • Can do data analysis and create visualization.
  • Can do exploratory analysis.
  • Basic user.
  • Can write functions.
  • Can modify arrays and matrices.
  • Can create visuals and do basic analysis.
  • Advanced user.
  • Can create engaging presentations from scratch.
  • Can do story-telling through visuals.
  • Can create visuals from data.
  • Can do basic engineering drawing.
  • Can connect to database.
  • Create visualizations and utilize PowerBI functions for exploratory analysis.

Can create visualizations and utilize Tableau functions for exploratory analysis.

  • Basic User
  • Can use Hysys for distillation column simulations, small plant simulation.
  • Can solve energy and material balance problems

Can write, design and edit documents for academic, business and presentation purpose.

Can create process flow diagrams.

Can create presentations and do storytelling.

  • Can record, edit and export deployment ready video content.
  • Created online courses using Camtasia.
  • Can setup Google Optimize on a website
  • Used Google Optimize for designing, running and evaluating A/B tests.

Used Trello for managing tasks, projects, and collaboration.

  • Can design web-pages using elementor.
  • Can design blog, and ecommerce site.
  • Can used MS Project for project management.
  • Can do critical path analysis.

Interpersonal Skills

Subject Knowledge

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